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LuxZen® Water: Hydrogen Enriched Water Purifier & Dispenser

The unique, patented technology in the LuxZen® Hydrogen Enriched Water Purifier is the gold standard for healthy, hydrogen-enriched water. Four-stage reverse osmosis water filtration creates drinking water of exceptional purity. Then 99.999% pure molecular hydrogen is produced using a patented polyelectrolyte technology to consistently provide highly concentrated dissolved molecular hydrogen of at least 1.99 ppm in both hot and cold water. This consistent delivery is made possible by a patented circulation system that renews the dissolved hydrogen every 15 minutes.


  • Highest Concentration of Dissolved Hydrogen; at least 1999 ppb
  • Highest H2 Purity (99.999% pure)
  • 4-stage RO Filtration for clean, delicious water
  • Instant Hot & Cold Water on-demand, both with highly concentrated dissolved hydrogen
  • Direct Connection to Tap Water for unlimited drinking and no more storing or changing bulky bottles
  • Neutral pH is slightly more alkaline than your blood, creating no stress on the body, only healthy benefits
  • Patented Circulation System keeps the system clean and the hydrogen dissolved
  • Digital Display and Touch Interface are easy to use and read
  • Clean Door with Nano Silver Technology protects the dispenser from dust and contamination
  • Eco Mode saves energy by turning off the hot water generator
  • A photosensor automatically pauses Hydrogen generation when it is dark
  • Automatic Leak Stop
  • Cold & Hot water control switches

 Note: Professional installation required.